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Powerspot 50
Powerspot 50 The Powerspot 50 is a 240v 60 watt mains spotlight for use with panel systems. ..
Powerspot 800 Floodlight
Powerspot 800 Floodlight The Powerspot 800 Floodlight is a 50watt low voltage spotlight light..
Powerspot 950
Powerspot 950 The Powerspot 950 is a 150watt mains halogen floodlight, ideal for for use with..
Powerspot 1000*
Powerspot 1000* The Powerspot1000 is a 150watt* mains halogen floodlight for use with pop-up ..
Powerspot 1200
Powerspot 1200 The Powerspot 1200 is a 20watt fluorescent light suitable for illuminating pop..
Universal Lighting Fitting Kit
Universal Lighting Fitting Kit The Universal Lighting Fitting Kit allows our Powerspot lighti..